Telecom Research in India has been on the rise in recent years, which isn’t surprising considering how big this market is. Like most other companies, we often use the CATI Market research method, which saves you time and cuts your costs dramatically. This is a computer-based program whereby the computer intelligently guides the interviewer in terms of how to conduct the interview, so as to optimize the survey, prevent mistakes and only ask the most optimal questions. The interviewer records the answers in the computer and everything else is done by the computer. The downside is that the answers may not be as revealing as they would be if the participant was actually in the room. That’s why those questionnaires are simpler and shorter when compared to the ones that are offered in the CAPI method. Many people will gladly answer a few questions over the phone. It’s much more difficult to get someone to participate in a personal interview, especially if there is no reward involved.

The Indian telecommunications market is the second largest in the world after China; it is also the third largest cell phone market in the world (this includes smartphones). This means that India is the perfect place for telecom research. Many cell phones allow for many surveys to take place. The telecom industry is rapidly expanding. We can witness this by the recent surge in smartphones. It took only a few years for smartphones to become dominant in the industry. This means that we are able to do more for our clients since we can reach smartphone users not only by calling them, but also by advertising on the internet. Calling a landline meant that only one interview could be conducted for the entire household. The cell phone industry has changed that. Virtually every adult has a cell phone, which means that many more interview samples can be gathered.

We are well equipped in order to perform large-scale CATI interviews since we have almost 300 CATI stations, including seven focus group rooms. We use the highest-end recording and streaming technology available today.This is why we have been the top global CATI interview provider for many years. The telecommunications industry is one of the largest industries that we work with and it keeps changing every day; so keeping up with the trends is not easy. The quality of our services have helped us remain among the top market research providers in this rapidly-changing industry. New technology drives more competition and that’s why we are determined to innovate and serve our clients’ individual needs. We keep up with the daily changes in the telecom market, bringing fresh and accurate market reports to the table.


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