Focus Group Research In India

When doing qualitative research, we mostly use focus groups serivces, mini focus groups and in-depth interviews; Desk and retail research are not used that often. Focus groups services in India are great because people get to mingle and freely exchange ideas about a product or service. This helps us learn more about their perceptions and opinions. We also use mini focus groups, since we want to see if perceptions and realities will change if the number of participants is cut by one half.

Focus group services in India can also get directional data that can shape further study or be used to construct questionnaires, and can be an effective prelude to large-scale quantitative studies. Since 2007 being a leading Focus Group Companies in India, CBC has conducted several marketing research studies across geographies and demographics and varied product categories. Focus group discussions are structured as per the needs and nature of product/services, with the number of participants varying from 4 to10. Long duration “workshops” or “co-creation sessions” can be the best solution to gain an extensive knowledge on consumers. Depending on the profile of participants and research objectives, focus groups are conducted at different types of venues or facilities - such as houses (to give sense of comfort) or hotels and sometimes at more relaxed environments like resorts.


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