CATI Market Research India

One of the quantitative methods that CBC Market Research in India use is CATI (Computer-assisted telephone interviewing). It is a great method of gathering data since the computer does most of the work and answers are immediately incorporated. This means that the new questions that are generated logically comply with the previous answers of the participant. In the end, we get a very accurate profile of the consumer. Another popular method of gathering data is CAPI (Computer-assisted personal interviewing). Sometimes, it’s hard to interview someone over the phone if the questionnaire is too long or difficult. In this case, the interviewer simply serves as a guide who helps out if issues arise.

CBC's staff is well trained and committed to quality outcomes of CATI services along with their core tasks; as maintaining several processes can become overwhelming and burdensome. With the ability to execute more than 100 CATI stations across many markets globally in English and other Indian languages. CBC Market Research in India provides some of the largest capacity in India to handle our client's work.


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