The automobile sector in India has experienced quite an evolution over the last few decades. From a mere 6 manufacturers in 1984, the industry has grown to include more than 35 automotive manufactures spread across all of India. Around 25 new car models were launched in the Indian market during last two years.

India is largely dominated by compact cars. The country has the largest percentage of small cars of any other country in the world. Currently, around 75% of the automobile industry in India is comprised small cars. The rapid sales growth in the Car Clinic Research segment in India has prompted a number of global automobile industry companies such as Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota and Nissan, etc. to expand their presence in the market.

With the ever-increasing demand and competition of Car Market Research, understanding the demand and trends in customer preferences have never been more invaluable to automobile companies. Obtaining accurate market information is best achieved by car research, through clinics and traditional market research methods. CBC India provides clients with insights in the automobile industry and market sectors. Applying different research methodologies, we have conducted a wide variety of automotive research studies in India.

Car clinics in India (static and dynamic) are a significant and effective research methodology. Current and prospective car buyers are invited to a central location for evaluation of client prototype(s) against competition. Sometime these involve test drives as well.

With the help and experience of CBC India’s professional team, clients can conduct clinics for numerous of automobiles (passenger, commercial or industrial) in India. With our past experience and in-house database, we bring customers across all segments, including High Net worth Individuals.


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